3 Homemade Valentines to Say "I Love You"

By Bev Feldman


Crafting homemade valentines with your children is a great way to create special memories together, but this annual tradition needn't be difficult or time-consuming—these three unique valentines all use the same list of supplies. Show your love with these homemade valentines, perfect for classmates, friends, and family.

  1. Gift Box Valentine
    On card stock, draw a square with four triangles of the same size extending out from each side.
    Red paper with a pyramid template drawn on it and a marker and pencil next to it on a wooden table.
    Cut out the shape, making sure to cut around the triangles. On each triangle, write a message to the recipient, such as "I love you because..." or "You rock because..."
    Wooden table with a red pyramid cutout with black lines on it and the words
    Flip the shape over and write the recipient's name on one triangle, then decorate the remaining triangles to your heart's content with glitter glue and markers. Once the glitter glue has dried, fold up each triangle so the messages are facing inside. Punch a hole at the top of each triangle and weave the string through the holes, tying a bow where the strings meet.
    Red pyramid handmade Valentine tied with a white ribbon and the words
    Though secret messages of love are sweet enough, put a treat inside before you tie it up for a special surprise!
  2. Super Star Valentine
    This fun valentine looks like a booklet but opens up to a banner for the recipient to hang wherever they choose! To get started, fold a red strip of card stock into an accordion. The outer flaps should face the same way and hang out a bit longer than the inside folds. Draw a star on one of the outer flaps. One of the points should look like it's missing so when you open it up the sections stay together. (This is also the reason why you want the outer flaps to be longer than the inner folds—you want the outside stars to be whole on the outer point).
    Star shape drawn on a red piece of paper.
    Cut out the star and unfold your paper. You should have a lovely star banner!
    Three connected red stars sitting on a wooden table.
    On each star, write a message such as "You're the best musician I know" or "Your jokes always make me laugh." Carefully fold it back up to decorate the front with markers and glitter glue. Punch a hole through the outside stars where they hang over and tie them together with a piece of string.
    Red star that says
  3. Cupid's Love Arrows
    Fold a piece of card stock in half and cut out a long rectangle that is rounded at the bottom. Then punch out holes interspersed through both pieces of paper.
    Two red shapes with holes punched in them.
    Keeping the two cutouts together, weave a piece of string through the holes. Leave the ends long and tie them in a bow. You now have a bag to hold Cupid's arrows.
    Hand weaving a piece of white string through a red shape with holes in it.
    Cut out long arrow shapes from the card stock. On each arrow, write a special message for the recipient about why you love him or her. Decorate the outside of the bag with the recipient's name or inspiring quotes.
    Red paper bag that says

With these homemade valentines, your kids will learn about more than love this Valentine's Day. Pediatric psychologist Lynne Kenney, PsyD, weighs in on the benefits of these crafts: "Patterns are central to language and social development. Creating a balanced pattern with art enhances creative thinking while laying down patterns that support academic and behavioral learning as well as communication skills. With this activity, children can build their development and artistic skills while saying, 'I love you!'"