Enjoy Making Bird Feeders Together with This DIY Tutorial

By Bev Feldman


Making bird feeders is a super fun activity for you and your kiddos to do together to appreciate nature, learn about your environment, and even repurpose some recyclables. You'll find yourselves enjoying this craft again and again as you observe what birds your feeder attracts. This tutorial can easily be adapted using most materials you have available in your recycling bin, such as a large milk or juice carton.

To get started, remove any labels from your container and thoroughly wash it out with soap and water. Once it's dry, draw a rectangle on one side of the container with a pen or marker. It doesn't matter how big it is, just make sure you make it high enough to leave room to fill the bottom of the container with birdseed.

Hand drawing a blue rectnagle on a plastic drink container.

Carefully use your scissors to poke a hole in one section of the rectangle and cut it out. You may find a craft knife might be a little easier to poke the initial hole. If you would like to create two openings, repeat this process on the opposite side of your container.

Scissors cutting a rectangle out of a plastic drink container.

Cut a small horizontal slit about a centimeter below the rectangle and repeat this on the opposite side of the container.

Scissors cutting a slit in a plastic container next to a cut out rectangle.

Stick the wooden Popsicle stick through the slits so that it sticks out on both sides.

A plain wooden popsicle stick sticking through a plastic container with holes cut out.

Poke four holes at the top of the bottle and string two pieces of yarn or thick string through the holes. Tie a knot at the ends inside the bottle and pull the strings taut. You and your kids can now decorate the outside of the container with paint or stickers—just make sure whatever materials you use are nontoxic for birds.

Hand tying a purple string in a plastic bottle.

Fill the bottom of the container with bird seed. Now you're ready to hang it up outside on a sturdy branch where your winged friends can enjoy your DIY bird feeder!

DIY bird feeder made from a plastic bottle hanging in a tree.

This craft is so simple to make, you might find yourself digging through your recycling bin and making bird feeders to hang all over your backyard!