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Camp Bearville Alive!

Timmy and Kimmy perform a musical for their friends on the first day of Camp Bearville Alive 2015!

These two furry friends wrote a fun play about how to make the best out of even the worst trips to camp based on Timmy's own experiences last year, perfect for new campers who have never been to Camp Bearville Alive before.

Kimmy sings a positive message about making the best out of every situation. Sure, Timmy tripped in the pool, but the water was nice and cool. Timmy couldn't ride a horse, but he sure did rock the obstacle course!

Timmy even found a new best friend at camp in Kimmy last year!

See how fun camp can be with advice from these two furry friends!
  • Kimmy - Snow Leopard
    Kimmy Snow Leopard
  • Timmy - Lil' Brown Sugar Cub
    Timmy Lil' Brown Sugar Cub


Snow Leopard

Kimmy - Snow Leopard
Kimmy had such a great time at Camp Bearville Alive last year, and was so excited to go back for more summer fun!

Kimmy loves everything about Camp Bearville Alive including the fun activities like sing-alongs, horseback riding, boating, campfires and of course, getting to hang out with all of her best friends!

Kimmy looks at everything in life the right way and can make anyone feel positive about anything! When fellow campers are feeling homesick, Kimmy knows just what to do to cheer them up!


Lil' Brown Sugar Cub

Timmy - Lil' Brown Sugar Cub
Timmy thinks this year's Camp Bearville Alive will be the best one yet! Even though Timmy fell off a horse, tripped in the pool and forgot his lunch once last year, this teddy bear ended up having tons of fun and met his new best friend Kimmy! He's so excited to return to Camp Bearville Alive and is even more prepared this year. He is most excited to participate in the fun plays every night, and the sing-alongs that follow.

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