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Carlos and the Perfect Pup!

Carlos and his Perfect Pup Pumpernickel are hot on the trail of solving another mystery together!

Pumpernickel has sniffed out something big - a party being put on by the local pet store. He would love for Carlos to bring him along for all the fun but the pair has no idea where the party is or even what it is for.

Like any good Dachshund, Pumpernickel follows his nose and leads Carlos to the Pet Store and then to the Pampered Pet Palace before finding the big party in the park.

May is National Pet Month, a celebration of all that pets and their owners do for one another. The month promotes the benefits of pet ownership, supports pet adoption and raises public awareness for the contributions made by service dogs.

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  • Carlos - Lil’ Buttercream Cub
    Carlos Lil’ Buttercream Cub
  • Pumpernickel - Promise Pets™ Dachshund
    Pumpernickel Promise Pets™ Dachshund


Lil’ Buttercream Cub

Carlos - Lil’ Buttercream Cub
Carlos is always hot on the trail for clues. Like any good detective, he doesn’t always work alone. His trusty pup Pumpernickel can usually be found right by his side, helping to connect the dots and solve mysteries. Pumpernickel is the best partner this bear could ask for!


Promise Pets™ Dachshund

Promise Pets™ Dachshund
Pumpernickel is the perfect pup but has it a little ruff when his owner Carlos doesn’t understand what he’s barking about!

Pumpernickel is always sniffing for something big. Like Carlos, Pumpernickel doesn’t roll over easy and is great at playing catch. We’re not talking about tennis balls – oh no, Pumpernickel is great at catching clues!

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