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Marvelous Molly and the Pet Parade!

Molly isn't just marvelous at bear styling, today she has to get her pets ready for the big pet parade!

Molly's furry friends Mrs. Whiskers, Rusty and Grahamcrackers need to look their very best for their float ride through Bearville! The whole town will be watching!

See what fun styles Marvelous Molly has in store for her cute Promise Pets who are sure to be the talk of the town after the big parade!
  • Molly - Pop of Color Panda
    Molly Pop of Color Panda


Pop of Color Panda

Molly - Pop of Color Panda
Molly's Magnificent Makeover Shop continues to be one of the hottest boutiques in town! While everyone loves coming in to see Molly and get outfitted with the latest and greatest Build-A-Bear fashions, Molly also has a full petcare line at her shop and loves giving her pets a brand new look – particularly as she prepares to participate with them in the big Bearville Pet Parade!

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