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Oscar's Driving Daydream!

Cherry Bear's little brother Oscar has always been the shy one in the family, and never knows what to talk about. Cherry Bear always loves talking about her passion for cooking. Oscar likes cooking too, since he's always helping his big sister in the kitchen, but he doesn't really have much to say about cooking, since Cherry Bear does most of the work.

Cherry Bear wants to get Oscar talking about his dreams – but in order to talk about his dreams, Oscar has to have one first!

When Oscar falls asleep, he becomes the fastest, most unbeatable racecar champion in the universe…and today he's finally ready to tell the world all about it!
  • Oscar - Lil' Chestnut Cub
    Oscar Lil' Chestnut Cub
  • Cherry Bear - Cuddly Pink Teddy
    Cherry Bear Cuddly Pink Teddy


Lil' Chestnut Cub

Oscar - Lil' Chestnut Cub
Oscar gets a lot of rubbish from his sister for not being one for words. In this teddy bear's mind, he just doesn't have much to talk about. Oscar can walk the walk, sure, but he likes to let his walk do the talking – because he doesn't talk much. No one knows a whole lot about Oscar or what's going on inside of his head, but the fact is this teddy bear is a dreamer and has his sights set on being a professional race car driver one day racing towards checkered flags!

Cherry Bear

Cuddly Pink Teddy

Cherry Bear - Cuddly Pink Teddy
While Cherry Bear is one of the most popular cooks in Bearville and is by far the most talkative member of her family, this cuddly pink teddy bear is always thinking about others, and worries about her little brother Oscar sometimes, because he doesn't ever have much of anything to say. Cherry Bear knows that while Oscar is a quiet little Cub, he has a big heart and is always looking to help out others! She loves it when he helps her in the kitchen for her fun cooking shows on Bearville Alive!

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