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Extreme Hide And Seek: Best Bud Edition

Gary the stuffed guinea pig has a little problem on his hands...he means...paws. You see, Gary can't find his best bud Jack anywhere! In this episode of Bearville Alive, Gary and Jack play a game of indoor hide and seek, but Gary just can't find that tricky plush puppy on his own no matter how hard he looks! He needs your help! Hurry and help Gary find Jack's hiding spot before time runs out!
  • Gary the Guinea Pig
    Gary The Guinea Pig
  • Jack Cute Caramel Pup
    Jack Cute Caramel Pup


The Guinea Pig

Gary the Guinea Pig
Gary is the coolest plush guinea pig around and also happens to make super delicious chocolate chip cookies. As happy and cool as Gary is, he has one weakness - he’s not very good at playing hide and seek, especially the seeking part!


Cute Caramel Pup

Kyle - Happy Hugs Teddy
Jack is one tricky puppy who is naturally good at playing hide and seek. His best friend Gary calls him the best hider ever! Nobody, not even his best friend seems to ever be able to find this adorable plush pup even when he's right under your nose. That's because Jack has a big nose, and the best sense of smell ever! When Jack grows up, he wants to be a hunting dog, because his natural sense of smell is one of the best in Bearville.
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