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The Secret Lives of Promise Pets

Max brings his brand new Promise Pet puppy Chocolate over to Christy's house to have a Promise Pet Playdate with her new Promise Pet Kitty Prowler, but the fun together is cut short when Christy's mom tells the pair of bears it's time to get in the car and head to Build-A-Bear Workshop. So, what do the Promise Pets do when they're left home alone unsupervised without their owners for the very first time?

Find out the kinds of mischief Chocolate and Prowler get into when they have the house all to themselves for two whole hours!
  • Christy - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Christy Happy Hugs Teddy
  • Max - Bearemy
    Max Bearemy


Happy Hugs Teddy

Christy - Happy Hugs Teddy
Christy showed her mom and dad she was such a good pet owner after adopting her first Promise Pet puppy that they decided to let her have a little kitty as well! Christy has a lot of responsibility as an owner of two Promise pets, but has shown so far that she is quite good at taking care of them both. Christy loves to have her friend Max over for Promise Pet playdates. While having two Promise Pets is nice, Christy really wants a third, and likes to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop with her lifetime paw pass to look at all the cute new Promise Pets! It's going to be very hard for her to leave the store next time without a third.



Max - Bearemy
We all know Max as a fun-loving teddy bear who loves to rock out on his electric guitar, make funny jokes and play baseball, but this guy also loves taking care of his new Promise Pet puppy Chocolate – which he named after his favorite kind of treat…chocolate. Max is still learning how to be a caring pet owner, so he will often go over to Christy's house for a Promise Pet playdate and a little helpful pet owner advice from one of the best bears around.
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