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Spy Bear's Spy School

It's the last day of Spy School before summer, and Spy Bear has to ace his big final exam if he wants to pass and get rewarded with a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop! In Spy Bear's final exam, he is put to a test only the stealthiest spies are able to pass.

Spy Bear has learned all about zip lining, skydiving, sneaking through laser grids and driving this year, but can he do it when it counts? Is he worthy of becoming a Superspy and earning his trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop? Is this teddy bear's very best effort enough to pass? Spy Bear says he's got this.
  • Spy Bear - Bearemy
    Spy Bear Bearemy

Spy Bear


Spy Bear - Bearemy
Spy Bear is a Spy in training, who enjoys rock climbing and finding cool new gear at Build-A-Bear Workshop on his "days off." Spy Bear quickly learns leading up to his final spy school exams, however, that there is no such thing as a day off for spies. Even though Spy Bear doesn't get much free time, he is super excited to start working as a full-time spy at the Federal Bear Investigation Unit, or maybe even the super-secret Bear Intelligence Administration.

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