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A SCENTimental Valentine

Clumsy Chloe’s been hoping Noah asks her to be his Valentine this year. In order for that to happen, these Sweet Hugs friends have to find each other first.

Chloe has a plan in mind, she just hopes Noah can find her in time! First, Chloe hides behind a tree and sprayed Noah with her favorite perfume so she can track his every move with her SCENTometer.

Little does Chloe know, Noah has been looking for her everywhere! Will these two find each other before the sun sets on Valentine’s Day? Find out on Bearville Alive!
  • Chloe - Sweet Hugs Bear
    Chloe Sweet Hugs Bear
  • Noah - Sweet Hugs Pup
    Noah Sweet Hugs Pup


Sweet Hugs Bear

Chloe - Sweet Hugs Bear
Chloe is quite clumsy, but is also very smart and loving. All Chloe wants this year is for Noah to be her Valentine! Chloe has found herself tripping over supplies in the art room, paper towels at the store and getting stuck to tree sap at the park all while tracking down Noah with her SCENTometer device. When Chloe grows up, she wants to be an inventor, and she’s already off to a good start in that regard.


Sweet Hugs Pup

Noah - Sweet Hugs Pup
Noah is a sneaky pup who is always humming a fun tune when he walks along his way. Noah doesn’t like to play hard-to-get, and has been hoping to ask Chloe to be his Valentine for a while, he just never gets the chance because he can’t find her anywhere!
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