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Baxter Wants to be A Bunny!

Baxter has always wanted to be a bunny. Today, he's at the rabbit residence to show the real bunnies that he has what it takes.

Right away, Baxter gets bunnying! Hopping around the house, munching down on carrots and planning this year's big egg hunt.

Right away, It's quite obvious that Baxter is indeed NOT a bunny. But, he can still help the resident bunnies with his own special talents! After all, Bunnies are good hiders, but aren't great at finding.

Can Baxter help find the missing bunny? Find out on Bearville Alive!
  • Baxter - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Baxter Happy Hugs Teddy


Happy Hugs Teddy

Baxter - Happy Hugs Teddy
Baxter is not a bunny. He's actually a cuddly teddy bear. That doesn't stop Baxter from trying to be what he wants to be! Baxter doesn't like carrots and isn't the greatest hopper, but he makes up for it by possessing skills the real bunnies just don't have. Bunnies know how to hide things very well, especially eggs – but Baxter is extremely gifted at finding. All of the bunnies at the rabbit residence quickly find out that Baxter fits right in when they need someone who can find just as well as they can hide!
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