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Cody and the Courageous Valentine!

Cody is so scared to talk to girls, especially when it really matters. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Cody has his eyes set on one special girl in his class. The problem is, how does Cody ask her to be his Valentine?

Should he do something silly? Say something sweet?

What if she asks him to be her valentine?

Find out if Cody gets his special Valentine’s Day wish on Bearville Alive!
  • Cody - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Cody Happy Hugs Teddy


Happy Hugs Teddy

Cody - Happy Hugs Teddy
Cody is always so scared to talk to girls. He doesn’t know why. It seems like honey smelling perfume and pink swirls just seem to get to him.

Cody is very thoughtful, and maybe overthinks these situations. He spent so much time designing the perfect Valentine’s Day card and has a special girl in mind. He just doesn’t know how to execute the perfect plan.

Cody realizes that in order to get what he wants he just has to be himself, because he really is a fun teddy bear to be around!
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