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Ellie's Snow Day!

Ellie wakes up, looks out the window and sees a perfectly white blanket of fresh snow. With her hopes held high she turns on the TV to see the special news she had been hoping for. It's a snow day! You know what that means, no school!

This excited stuffed elephant quickly calls her best friend Mira to come out and play!

How do they plan to spend their amazing day off?

They could build a snowman, make an igloo, go sledding, or even have a snowball fight!

How do these friends make today the perfect day off? There's a flurry of excitement in this episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Ellie - 16 in. Elephant
    Ellie 16 in. Elephant
  • Mira - Pawlette
    Mira Pawlette


16 in. Elephant

Ellie - 16 in. Elephant
Ellie loves going to school, but every once in a while she, like all kids, just needs a day off. Every winter Ellie looks forward to the first snow day and all the fun possibilities they may bring. Ellie won’t settle for anything less than amazing in everything she does! When it comes to snow days, or any day, she wants to make it the best one yet! Ellie is always looking out for her friends, and is excited to find out Mira made it to her house alive during the biggest snowstorm of the season. Mira lives just down the street, so she didn’t have far to travel.



Mira - Pawlette
Mira lives right down the street from Ellie, and the two spend many afternoons during the school year hanging out after class. Mira is often the first person Ellie calls when she’s looking for fun, and Mira is always available to hang out with Ellie at the drop of a hat. Mira loves playing in the snow, but like most stuffed bunny rabbits, spring is by far her favorite season of the year!
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