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Braden's Beary Berry Blast!

Braden worked very hard on his class project, which required him to come up with a cool invention and bring it to life with a commercial!

So, Braden borrowed the video camera from mom and dad and spent several hours shooting and editing his commercial for Braden's Beary Berry Blast with his good friend from class Pawlette.

Braden is super excited to show everyone his awesome commercial for Braden's Beary Berry Blast – a yummy fruity drink that has all the healthy stuff mom loves with a taste that will leave bears begging for more!
  • Braden - Peanut Butter Pup
    Braden Peanut Butter Pup
  • Pawlette - Pawlette
    Pawlette Pawlette


Peanut Butter Pup

Braden - Peanut Butter Pup
Braden loves his new invention so its no wonder why it took him several hours to edit and direct his invention commercial for class. Braden was super excited about this project, because he has always wanted to invent things. He came up with the idea for Braden's Beary Berry Blast, because his mom is always telling him to eat his vegetables, but he'd much rather drink them mixed together with his favorite fruit – berrys!



Pawlette - Pawlette
Pawlette is one of Braden's best friends from class. When it comes time to pick partners for big presentations, Pawlette knows she can trust Braden, and Braden knows he can trust Pawlette. These two are on top of the class, and everyone expects big things when these two team up for anything with a grade on the line.

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