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Ellie's First Day of School!

Ellie had a super first day of school!

This stuffed elephant had a summer full of fun, but memories of chasing down the ice cream man and sliding down water slides are now a thing of the past. School can be overwhelming and scary, especially on the first day. There are so many kids and so many things to remember – from your teacher's last name to remembering to pack your markers.

Finding a seat in class is hard enough, especially when that seat is guarded by a giant T-Rex! Even with so much to do and so much to remember, Ellie had a great day learning and hanging out with all her great new friends, especially Mira!

Who said the school year couldn't be as fun as summertime?
  • Ellie - 16 in. Elephant
    Ellie 16 in. Elephant
  • Mira - Pawlette
    Mira Pawlette


16 in. Elephant

Ellie - 16 in. Elephant
Ellie had an amazing summer hanging out with her friends in Bearville, but now that summers over and she’s finally old enough, Ellie is ready for her first day of school! Ellie is like lots of kids and likes to do many of the same things they do, but this stuffed elephant is very shy at first. Ellie is new to school but quickly finds out that all of the other kids are new too, and thankfully they are all excited to make new friends!



Mira - Pawlette
Mira has lived a few houses down from Ellie for a few years now, but never met Ellie until the first day of school! Mira was quick to find out that she has a lot in common with Ellie, and is very good at "breaking the ice." Mira makes friends super easily, and was excited to learn that Ellie lived close enough to her so the two new friends could start having after school play dates!

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