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The Greatest Love Story of All Time

It wouldn't be the greatest love story of all time without a happy ending, would it? In this story, our hero Prince Romeo rides onto the stage triumphantly on his majestic stuffed Clydesdale decked out in shining armor to find his true love, Rapunzel in distress high atop a towering tower. Romeo is surprised to find out that this Rapunzel doesn't have long blonde hair, though, and Rapunzel seems disgusted at first by Romeo's comments about her beautiful, short brown hair. Romeo saves the day, though, once he finds a stranded slipper off stage and asks Rapunzel to try it on. The slipper fits and the two lovebirds live happily ever after in Bearville!
  • Romeo - Caramel Swirls Teddy
    Romeo Caramel Swirls Teddy
  • Rapunzel - Pawlette
    Rapunzel Pawlette


Caramel Swirls Teddy

Romeo - Caramel Swirls Teddy
Romeo is a clumsy, yet romantic teddy bear who will do anything to fall in love with the woman of his dreams. He's not the brightest hero, but he is a hero of royal descent nonetheless. When Romeo arrives on his majestic Clydesdale, he often falls off, before quickly landing on his two front paws. He certainly has a way with words, and lives happily ever after with his princess Rapunzel.



Rapunzel - Pawlette
Rapunzel isn't like the popular princess in the storybooks, although she is a princess! This stuffed bunny doesn't like to get mixed up with that “other” Rapunzel, and her signature blonde hair. This Rapunzel actually has brown hair, which she likes to point out whenever confusion over her true identity arises. Rapunzel lives happy-ever-after with her prince, Romeo.
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