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Meet Max!

Meet Max – a fun loving teenager who likes to put on his big red cape and turn into super bear, likes to play baseball and rock out on his electric guitar. Max has a friend who celebrates Hanukah, and a friend who celebrates Kwanza, but he celebrates Christmas at his house and thinks he has a hilarious Christmas joke. During Max's introduction, his sister Daisy pops into his room to try and take the spotlight from him promising a Build-A-Bear dance party. What does your Build-A-Bear like to do?
  • Max - Bearemy
    Max Bearemy
  • Daisy - Pawlette
    Daisy Pawlette



Max - Bearemy
Max is a fun, energetic teenage teddy bear who likes to make jokes, play baseball and rock out on his electric guitar. He's in a band called the Furry of Fur which is very popular at his high school and plays left field for the Bearville High School Bearons. If Max has one weakness, it's that he gets easily annoyed by his little sister Daisy, who always tries to take the attention away from him, because he gets so much of it from all of his friends.



Daisy - Pawlette
Daisy is a cute bunny rabbit and the younger sister of Max. She likes to wear sequined skirts and bonnets around her floppy ears, and has frequent sleepovers and dance parties with all of her friends from Bearville Middle School. Daisy does get easily annoyed by all the attention that Max receives as a star athlete and musician, but is confident that one day she could be a backup dancer for a popular pop artist like Penny.