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Dina's Dino Adventure!

Dina is a dinosaur expert who has read just about every book she can about her favorite dino, the T-Rex! While Dina is a dinosaur expert, she's no T-Rex expert just yet, since she has never actually met one before.

Of course, like all dinosaurs, the T-Rex is extinct, so in order to get up-close and personal with one, Dina has to travel back in time to meet one. So, Dina makes a specially designed time tunnel to be used for this special occasion.

Dina programs her time tunnel for 231 million years ago in hopes of snapping a selfie with one of these mysterious creatures. After a romp through the desert and a talk with a harmless herbivore, Dina finally gets to meet Terry, the toughest, strongest and coolest T-Rex around!

It's an adventure back in time you'll have to see to believe!
  • Dina - Pawlette
    Dina Pawlette
  • Terry - T-Rex
    Terry T-Rex



Dina - Pawlette
Dina has studied dinosaurs for years, reading book after book about these large, extinct creatures. Dina has always been a big fan of the T-Rex, but has never actually met one. In order to do that, she would have to travel back in time more than 200 million years! Luckily, Dina studied physics in college, and learned exactly how to create a time tunnel that will do just that! This stuffed bunny knows more about dinosours than other furry friend around!



Terry - T-Rex
Terry thought he was an average Joe and had no idea that he was supposed to be the baddest, coolest and toughest dinosaur in history until Dina came from the future to tell him just that. Terry was one of the first T-Rex dinosaurs, and lived more than 200 million years ago. Today, he can be brought back to life at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

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