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Epic Burp Battle

In the lunchroom at school, Sam the plush puppy and his friend Joe the Camo-colored teddy bear are deep in conversation discussing what the coolest super power in the world would be. Sam has his sights set on flying through the sky, while Joe would rather be invisible in order to go anywhere he wants whenever he wants. Sam doesn't think being invisible would be fun though, since an invisible stuffed animal can't pick things up or wear cool clothes. All of a sudden, Joe lets out of the loudest burps imaginable! Sam tries to outdo him before Sally steps in and tells the friends to mind their manners, and always say 'excuse me' after burping. In the end, Sally can't help herself and lets out a massive burp louder than any purr or meow this rainbow colored kitty has ever made in her life!
  • Sam - Paperback Pup
    Sam Paperback Pup
  • Joe - Camo Bear
    Joe Camo Bear
  • Sally - Rainbow Stripes Tiger
    Sally Rainbow Stripes Tiger


Paperback Pup

Sam - Paperback Pup
Sam is an outgoing stuffed puppy who has always wanted to fly through the skies of Bearville. Like many young pups, Sam is easily amused, especially by the funny business of his best friend Joe, the camouflage colored teddy bear. Sam is also a huge fan of the local soccer team in Bearville and plays a little bit himself for the school's winning team.


16 in. Camo Bear

Joe - 16 in. Camo Bear
Joe is always making new friends in the halls and is always getting into some kind of mischief at school. Joe thinks he has the loudest burp in school, and tries to show off whenever he was a chance, whether that be to impress the girl bears, or swing higher than anyone has ever swung on the swing set.
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Rainbow Stripes Tiger

Sally - Rainbow Stripes Tiger
Most of the time, Sally is viewed as a polite, proper rainbow colored stuffed kitty cat who keeps to herself and her small group of friends. However, when the opportunity presents itself, Sally likes to pounce, and show that she's not as goody-two-shoes as all of her friends make her out to be!
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