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Cooper's Crazy Clubhouse

Step foot inside Cooper's Crazy Clubhouse, where Cooper keeps the coolest collection in the world!

Of course, every Clubhouse has rules – and every Clubhouse has a secret password that gets changed every month to keep out those who just aren't cool enough to hang with Cooper and see his growing crazy collection!

Once inside Cooper's Crazy Clubhouse, it's important to follow the rules, or else you might not get next month's password!

So, share your snacks, only wear capes on Saturdays, settle your arguments with a game of crazy Rock, Paper, Scissors and most importantly, always say yes to adventure!

Take a look at Cooper's Crazy Collection and be sure to vote on your favorite item. Who knows, maybe Cooper will decide to take your favorite on his next adventure!
  • Cooper - Bananas Monkey
    Cooper Bananas Monkey


Bananas Monkey

Cooper - Bananas Monkey
Cooper is one adventurous stuffed monkey! A few months back, Cooper was hanging around in his house when his sister started driving him Bananas! Cooper thought there had to be a better way to get the peace and quiet he needs, so, with the help of his dad, he decided to build a crazy Clubhouse in the backyard! Cooper spends most of his time in his crazy Clubhouse, where he gets to hang out with friends who know his secret password, while adding to his collection of cool accessories from Build-A-Bear! Cooper loves to go on adventures, and always asks his friends for help choosing his next adventure!

The big question is, what will Cooper do next?

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