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Grizz and the Tricky Tree Frog!

Grizz wakes up from a night of camping out with his friend Tracy but she’s nowhere to be found! Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, Grizz spots a terrifying shark!

Turns out, it’s not a shark at all! You see, Tracy is an expert prankster and is always out to get Grizz when he’s not expecting it.

Later that night, Tracy tricks Grizz again! Luckily, he has the perfect plan to give Tracy a taste of her own medicine with a prank of his own. Can he finally out-trick the trickster? Find out on Bearville Alive!
  • Grizz - Classic Keepsake Teddy
    Grizz Classic Keepsake Teddy
  • Tracy - Tree Frog
    Tracy Tree Frog


Classic Keepsake Teddy

Grizz - Classic Keepsake Teddy
Grizz is always falling for Tracy’s old tricks. He knows that he probably won’t ever see a real-life dinosaur or shark out in the woods, but if anyone can convince him these creatures do exist, it’s Tracy. Grizz has always wanted to get Tracy back with a trick of his own, but has never quite been able to pull it off. After falling victim to two of Tracy’s pranks in one weekend of camping, Grizz comes up with the perfect comeback—and as good luck would have it, he finds out that he has some of his own tree frog instincts!


Tree Frog

Tree Frog
Tracy is an incredible trickster. She’s always looking for ways to outwit her friends, especially Grizz. He falls for it every single time. Tracy always knows the perfect hiding spot, and always has something up her sleeve. You’ll definitely want to watch out for this sneaky tree frog in the woods, because it’s her natural habitat!
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