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Pirates Stuck at Port!

Early one summer morning, Beth is super excited to wake up her friend Kennedy to go play outside!

Beth’s excitement quickly dwindles when she finds out it has been storming all morning.

While this pair of teddy bears can’t play outside, the rain doesn’t have to their magical day of play. Watch as these friends use their imagination to board a pirate ship and sing the afternoon away!
  • Beth - Lil’ Buttercream Cub
    Beth Lil’ Buttercream Cub
  • Kennedy - Wild Style Leopard
    Kennedy Wild Style Leopard


Lil’ Buttercream Cub

Beth - Lil’ Buttercream Cub
Beth just loves playing outside. She can’t wait to wake up each morning to discover more of the great outdoors! When Beth isn’t hiking, playing catch or using her imagination outdoors, this cuddly teddy loves to break out in song and sing along to just about anything!


Wild Style Leopard

Wild Style Leopard
Kennedy has a very strong imagination. She loves to play pretend! Kennedy can have fun anywhere, anytime – indoors, outdoors, during the day, or at night. Everything is an adventure when Kennedy is around!
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