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Ellie & Mellie’s Actual Adventure!

Ellie’s friends are never going to believe this!

This stuffed elephant has traveled to Prehistoric Paradise to catch up with some long lost cousins, including Mellie, a stuffed Wooly Mammoth, and a few of her dinosaur pals!

Mellie is going to do anything it takes to make this trip more memorable than anything Ellie could possibly imagine!

Following a Dino Dance-Off that ends in a three-way tie, Ellie’s tummy starts to rumble! Good thing Mellie knows just the local snack that is sure to please!

See all the memories Ellie and Mellie make in Prehistoric Paradise in this week’s episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Ellie - Asian Elephant
    Ellie Asian Elephant
  • Mellie - 14 in. Wooly Mammoth
    Mellie 14 in. Wooly Mammoth


Asian Elephant

Ellie - Asian Elephant
Ellie has been to the moon a ton of times, but she has never seen anything like the Prehistoric Paradise! Ellie loves using her imagination and going on adventures—she’ll try anything twice! Ellie has a ton of friends and is so happy when she gets to see her cousins for the first time in years!


14 in. Wooly Mammoth

14 in. Wooly Mammoth
Mellie is Ellie’s cousin. She was so excited to hear that Ellie was going to come to the Prehistoric Paradise for a rare visit! Mellie is extra accommodating and will go the extra mile to make sure her visitor gets an extra-special experience. Mellie loves her home in the Prehistoric Paradise and has made plenty of new dinosaur friends!
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