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Ben’s Battle for Bravery!

Ben wakes up in a fright as lightning and thunder rumble in the night! He just can’t sleep through this scary storm on his own!

Ben thinks he’s too old for bedtime stories but Maddie knows just the tale about conquering fear that will help Ben get through the bad weather and back to bed safe and sound.

She begins to tell the story of a super awesome knight named Benjamin the Brave and his quest to defeat two fire breathing dragons – Thunder and Lightning - and how these two dragons turn out to be not so scary after all!
  • Ben - Midnight Teddy
    Ben Midnight Teddy
  • Maddie - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Maddie Happy Hugs Teddy


Midnight Teddy

Ben - Midnight Teddy
Ben isn’t scared of much, but storms have always been one of his most dreaded phobias. When he needs to get through a scary situation, Ben almost always turns to his sister Maddie because she always knows what to say! By the end of one stormy night, Ben takes on the persona of a knight: Benjamin the Brave, who never has anything to fear!
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Happy Hugs Teddy

Happy Hugs Teddy
Ben’s sister Maddie has never really been afraid of storms. She has always compared lightning to someone in a cave far, far away making a fire to keep warm and thunder as their best friend’s sneeze! Maddie always knows how to calm down her little brother when he gets scared of things that go boom in the night!
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