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Cherry Bear & Dani: The Donut Duo!

Cherry Bear thought she was the only pink bear who loved the kitchen. Boy, was she wrong!

Dani runs Dani’s Donut Shop. Today she brought some of her special donuts to Cherry Bear’s CollaBEARation Kitchen to decorate. Cherry Bear is so excited!

Dani shows Cherry Bear all of her different flavors of donuts and has her come up with a theme to make these yummy treats even tastier.

Find out what fun ingredients Cherry Bear and Dani use make these donuts extra special. One thing is for certain: Marshmallows are a must!
  • Cherry Bear - Pink Cuddles Teddy
    Cherry Bear Pink Cuddles Teddy
  • Dani - Donut Bear
    Dani Donut Bear

Cherry Bear

Pink Cuddles Teddy

Cherry Bear - Pink Cuddles Teddy
Cherry Bear is one of the most well-known bakers in Bearville! This happy, energetic pink teddy is always whipping up something creative and delicious on TV! She was so excited to hear Dani the Donut Bear was opening up a shop in town and just had to have her on Cherry Bear’s CollaBEARation Kitchen as soon as possible! Of course, no episode of Cherry Bear’s CollaBEARation Kitchen is complete without an appearance from her signature ingredient – marshmallows!


Donut Bear

Donut Bear
Dani the Donut Bear just opened up Dani’s Donuts in Bearville and everyone just loves the sweet smell of delicious donuts coming from her shop each day! Dani doesn’t make ordinary donuts – Dani makes some of the yummiest, most creative donuts around! What could make Dani’s donuts even better? Cherry Bear’s creative touch!
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