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Super Sophie!

What's that in the sky? It's not a bird. It's not a jet. It's Super Sophie!

Who said girls can't be superheroes? That's crazy. Each night, Sophie transforms into Super Sophie, a superhero who is super at everything. This plush monkey can fly, clean her room at superhero speed, make lightning, catch bad guys, turn invisible, shoot lasers out of her eyes, and is really, really good at math. Sophie explains how anyone can be super, too, just like her!
  • Sophie - Strawberry Monkey
    Sophie Strawberry Monkey


Strawberry Monkey

Sophie - Strawberry Monkey
Sophie is a cute, pink stuffed monkey who dreams of accomplishing big things in the future. She's even created her own theme song that she sings along to every time she transforms into her alter-personality “Super Sophie.” Sophie turns super each night to get her through things like cleaning her room or doing math homework. Sophie is a loving sister, runs track at school and has an A in her advanced math class. This girl really can do it all!
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