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The Honey Girls World Premiere!

Honey Girls fans just can't get enough of Teegan, Risa and Viv. Lance Calloway, host of CeleBEARity News thinks they've been waiting long enough for the group's new music video.

After months of anticipation, the wait is finally over and it's time for the World Premiere of the new Honey Girls music video for their smash hit, "Everything is Better"!

This exciting music video chronicles the pop trio's adventures across the world. The Honey Girls have come a long way from their humble beginning at the school talent show. Today, they're taking their act global, appearing on the front pages of magazines and riding through Hollywood in limos.

The Honey Girls are living their dream, but they know they couldn't be where they are without each other. These three girls are really better together.

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  • Lance - Bananas Monkey
    Lance Bananas Monkey
  • Viv - Honey Girls Viv
    Viv Honey Girls Viv
  • Teegan - Honey Girls Teegan
    Teegan Honey Girls Teegan
  • Risa - Honey Girls Risa
    Risa Honey Girls Risa


Bananas Monkey

Lance - Bananas Monkey
Lance Calloway is the host of CeleBEARity News and also hosts a weekly radio show. Lance regularly reports from the red carpet and knows everything that's happening in the world of celeBEARitys! Lance loves to see young talent burst onto the music scene, and enjoys the Honey Girls just as much as their many fans!


Honey Girls Viv

Viv - Honey Girls Viv
Viv has been dreaming of being a world renowned drummer ever since her dad bought her a cymbal for her second birthday. Viv's playing got easier on her parents ears as she worked harder each and every day to perfect her drumming skills. Viv has always believed in herself, and tells all of her fans to "Dream Big" so that one day they can become whatever they want to be, just like she did!
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Honey Girls Teegan

Teegan - Honey Girls Teegan
Teegan may be the new kid at school but she loves to talk and that helped her make friends quickly with Viv and Risa. Shortly after, the trio started the Honey Girls. Teegan can play all the instruments, but realized that singing and writing lyrics were what she does best. As the lead singer of the Honey Girls, Teegan encourages everyone to live their lives big, loud and strong, just like she does!
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Honey Girls Risa

Risa - Honey Girls Risa
Risa is a musical master. This Honey Girl writes all of the band's music, and finds music everywhere she goes! This Honey Girl loves to watch the opening bands at her concerts and gives their musicians pointers backstage before each and every show. When not touring with the Honey Girls, she loves to go to small concerts in disguise to see up and coming talent for herself. Risa's always humming and looking for inspiration behind her band's next smash hit whenever that may be!
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