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Honey Girls Sneak Peek!

Lance Calloway is LIVE on CeleBEARity News to pump everyone in the audience up for the upcoming premiere of the new Honey Girls music video with an exclusive sneak peek!

This studio audience can't contain it's excitement for the new video, constantly interrupting Lance during this sneak peek segment to share their love for the newest musical sensation with the world! See what the fans think of the feisty, famous and fun Teegan, Viv's down-to-earth personality, and Risa's rocking creativity.

If you think this studio audience is excited now, watch what happens live when the full music video premieres and the Honey Girls make their way to Build-A-Bear in July!

Click here to learn more about the Honey Girls!
  • Lance - Bananas Monkey
    Lance Bananas Monkey


Bananas Monkey

Lance - Bananas Monkey
Lance Calloway is the host of CeleBEARity News and also hosts a weekly radio show. Lance regularly reports from the red carpet and knows everything that's happening in the world of celeBEARitys! Lance loves to see young talent burst onto the music scene, and enjoys the Honey Girls just as much as their many fans!
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