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Claire and Cameron’s Craft Club: Camping Crafts!

There’s no monkey business in appreciating the beauty of nature.

In this episode of Claire and Cameron’s Craft Club, these artistic plush monkeys are getting their audience geared up for sing-alongs, bonfires and s’mores by showing off how to create cool pinecone owls, perfect for summer camp!

To re-create this fun camping craft just like Claire and Cameron, all you’ll need is a pinecone, some feathers, googley eyes, small yellow felt triangles, glue and some imagination!

Bring out your inner artist with the help of Claire, Cameron and maybe Mom and Dad if you ask nicely!
  • Claire - Strawberry Monkey
    Claire Strawberry Monkey
  • Cameron - Bananas Monkey
    Cameron Bananas Monkey


Strawberry Monkey

Claire - Strawberry Monkey
Claire is a very crafty, artistic stuffed monkey who runs her own craft club with her best friend Cameron! They love to create beautiful crafts, perfect to show off on the refrigerator for all her house guests to see! Claire’s always thinking of fun and festive crafts for each and every season!


Bananas Monkey

Cameron - Bananas Monkey
This artistic stuffed monkey just loves creating fun crafts with his best friend Claire! Cameron always puts safety first. He used to always ask his mom and dad for help using scissors before becoming a master of crafts. Now, Cameron is an expert with scissors, glue, and any other crafty material he can get his hands on!

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