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Cameron and Claire just found out about a new super fun activity that everyone can do at home!

This pair of craft-loving monkeys are about to make their very own furry friend using the Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station! The fun doesn’t stop there. Cameron and Claire also demonstrate how to make the perfect present package to deliver their homemade furry friends in to their loved ones.

Cameron and Claire show just how easy it is to make a furry friend the perfect present for your perfect friend on this episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Cameron - Smiley Monkey
    Cameron Smiley Monkey
  • Claire - Strawberry Monkey
    Claire Strawberry Monkey


Smiley Monkey

Cameron - Smiley Monkey
Cameron loves making crafts – and he was super excited to find out about the new Stuffing Station by Build-A-Bear Workshop! It combines his love for Build-A-Bear with his passion for making fun things at home with his best friend Claire. Cameron can’t wait to start monkeying around with the Stuffing Station!


Strawberry Monkey

Claire - Strawberry Monkey
If there’s anything Claire likes more than making fun crafts at home, it’s making fun crafts at home with her best friend Cameron! When Claire isn’t making something fun at home, she loves to go visit her nearby Build-A-Bear Workshop. When Claire learned that she could make her very own furry friends at home with Cameron, she just had to try it out!
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