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Cooper's Crazy Clubhouse: Super Stunts!

Last time, Cooper showed off his crazy clubhouse collection and asked his friends what they wanted to see next. Cooper loves his sports gear and collection of inline skates, but it's the motorcycle that Crazy Clubhouse members wanted to see on Cooper's next adventure.

Since the fans asked for it, Cooper is ready to show off his cool motorcycle in action. This is no lazy Sunday afternoon ride - This stuffed monkey has some tricks up his sleeves!

Cooper's ready to show off some Super Stunts! Can Cooper jump over a line of cars? Jump his motorcycle off a roof? What about jumping through a ring of fire?

There's only one way to find out! Watch Cooper's motorcycle in action on Bearville Alive!

Check out Cooper's entire clubhouse collection now!
  • Cooper - Bananas Monkey
    Cooper Bananas Monkey


Bananas Monkey

Cooper - Bananas Monkey
Cooper spends a lot of his free time relaxing in his clubhouse and loves adding fun new things to his clubhouse collection! But the items in Cooper's collection aren't just for show, this stuffed monkey knows how to use them, and has the need for speed!

Cooper loves getting out and playing sports, skating and even knows how to ride a motorcycle through a ring of fire!

Monkey business? This is no monkey business. Cooper does however have some serious tricks up his sleeve!

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