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Cooper’s New Year’s Time Travel!

It’s 10 a.m., and that means Cooper fell asleep and failed at his first crazy adventure of the new year – staying up until the clock hits 12 a.m.

Luckily, Dina gave Cooper a portable time tunnel for Christmas! All Cooper has to do to save himself from missing out on the festivities is to travel back in time to last night. That’s nothing compared to jumping through the ring of fire!

Cooper has got to start the new year right, and for him, that means starting with an adventure.
There’s no time for monkey business. Can Cooper do it? Can he go back in time and bring in 2016 his way? Find out now on Bearville Alive!
  • Cooper - Bananas Monkey
    Cooper Bananas Monkey


Bananas Monkey

Cooper - Bananas Monkey
Cooper spends a lot of his free time relaxing in his clubhouse and loves adding fun new things to his clubhouse collection! But the items in Cooper's collection aren't just for show, this stuffed monkey knows how to use them, and has the need for speed!

Cooper loves getting out and playing sports, skating and even knows how to ride a motorcycle through a ring of fire!

Monkey business? This is no monkey business. Cooper does however have some serious tricks up his sleeve!

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