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Dina and the Dino Dilemma!

In Dina's latest adventure, the time traveling stuffed bunny tests out here new and improved time tunnel – but shortly after completing her first test run and returning to present-time she discovers a big glitch in the system.

Dina forgot to close the time tunnel's hatch and brought back a brachiosaurus! Dina can't just send it back in time, after all, her time tunnel takes a full day to recharge to full power after being used!

How in the world is Dina going to hide a dinosaur for a whole day? If anyone finds out this stuffed brachiosaurus is here, Dina's going to land herself in some T-Rex sized trouble!

So, can Dina make it through a whole day hiding this prehistoric creature from her mom, dad, classmates and teacher? Dina's got a plan, but will it work?
  • Dina - Pawlette
    Dina Pawlette



Dina - Pawlette
Dina's always been at the top of her science class and is well ahead of the curve. This stuffed bunny created a time tunnel this past summer, and has been constantly upgrading the system to improve it even more! Dina loves to use her time tunnel to go back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Dina's made friends with T-Rex dinosaurs, brachiosaurus, pterodactyls, and stegosauruses just to name a few.

As smart as Dina is though, she can be forgetful, like the time she forgot to close the time tunnel's door, accidentally bringing a brachiosaurus back with her to present-day!
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