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Ellie’s Cheer Competition!

Ellie completely forgot that the cheer competition is tomorrow! She’s competing in the original cheer category and has nothing planned!

It’s a “cheermergency”!

Ellie calls her BFF Mira, the captain of the team for some advice.

Luckily, Mira has a recipe for the perfect cheer!

Ellie performs her super awesome original cheer, much to the delight of the audience – but is it enough to win over the panel of judges? Find out on Bearville Alive!
  • Ellie - Asian Elephant
    Ellie Asian Elephant
  • Mira - Pawlette
    Mira Pawlette


Asian Elephant

Ellie - Asian Elephant
Ellie is a member of the school’s cheerleading team and has the skills she needs to win the big original cheer competition. Problem is, Ellie tends to be forgetful. That’s why she always writes down her big days down in her planner. Ellie often finds herself going to her planner to make sure she doesn’t forget any of her big plans. She also isn’t afraid to ask her friends for advice when she needs it the most!



Mira - Pawlette
Mira is the captain of the cheer team. Quick on her toes, Mira always knows exactly what to do when a sticky situation arises. There is nothing that can get in the way of Mira. She is always looking out for her friends and willing to lend a hand when they’re in need of help. When she’s not cheering the team on to victory or winning competitions herself, Mira can be found either hanging out with her BFF Ellie, studying for school or volunteering across Bearville! There’s nothing Mira can’t do!
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