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Teegan Takes on Paris: Part 1!

While Honey Girls lead singer Teegan has been away in Paris, a contest has been announced to bring their biggest fan along for all of the fun!

Honey Girls fans from around the globe, including Meegan, have been hopeful that they will be chosen to go to Paris with their fearless musical icon, but first they have to correctly guess trivia questions about Teegan and write an essay about why they are the biggest fan of the Honey Girls.

Does Meegan have what it takes to be declared the biggest Honey Girls fan in the universe and punch her ticket to Paris? She just can’t hold her excitement on this episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Meegan - Pawlette
    Meegan Pawlette
  • Amanda - Wild Style Leopard
    Amanda Wild Style Leopard
  • Teegan - Honey Girls Teegan
    Teegan Honey Girls Teegan



Meegan - Pawlette
Meegan considers herself to be the Honey Girls’ biggest fan. Her room is covered in posters of Teegan, Viv and Risa, and she has seen them in concert several times. She gave Teegan a high-five once outside of the arena and hasn’t washed her paw since. When Meegan heard she could win a trip to hang out with Teegan in Paris, entering the contest was a no-brainer. Meeting Teegan has always been Meegan’s lifelong dream. Maybe they could take a selfie together in Paris?


Wild Style Leopard

Amanda - Wild Style Leopard
Amanda is Meegan’s best friend and also happens to be a huge fan of the Honey Girls! Amanda is always encouraging her friends to shoot for the stars and encourages them to think nothing is out of reach. She was amazed at how great Meegan’s essay entry for the Honey Girl’s biggest fan contest was and wouldn’t be surprised at all if she happened to win the trip to Paris. She is crossing her fingers that she will get to go along for all the fun in Paris with Teegan and her best friend!


Honey Girls Teegan

Teegan - Honey Girls Teegan
Teegan is the fearless leader of the Honey Girls and is responsible for writing all of their bold lyrics. She has penned several smash hits during the band’s first year in the spotlight and hopes to stay atop the charts for many years to come. Lately, Teegan has been in Paris enjoying the sights, architecture and great people the City of Light has to offer, while seeing old friends and making new ones along the way!
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