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Bearville Alive! Now Starring You!

Think of all the adventures you have had with your favorite Build-A-Bear friend. Now, imagine those adventures being broadcast for the world to see on YouTube! Max introduces the first fan-made Bearville Alive episode, featuring Jason and his magic jump rope. What’s your Build-A-Bear’s secret superpower? With a little bit of imagination and help from a grown up, your teddy bear can be showcased on an upcoming episode of Bearville Alive just like Jason!
  • Max - Bearemy
    Max Bearemy
  • Jason - Lil' Honeycomb Cub
    Jason Lil' Honeycomb Cub



Max - Bearemy
Max, your favorite Bearville Alive Superhero guy is back! This teddy bear is a fun-loving teenager who loves to play sports, music and make funny jokes! Max loves to see other Build-A-Bear friends do what he does best – use their imagination to be the best that they can be!


Lil' Honeycomb Cub

Jason - Lil' Honeycomb Cub
Jason is an adventurous teddy bear owned by Jack and Jim. Jason has a magic jump rope that can help him climb the tallest of mountains, and get back down nice and slow! Jason loves to explore, go zip lining through the forest and use his magic jump rope to tame wild beasts along the way!
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