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Off The Plate!

Bearville's favorite benchwarmers Luke and Carl have traded in their hockey sticks for bats, joining the Bearville Alive Bears baseball team for the summer.

Luke and Carl haven't been busy on the base paths this season, but they sure do keep the vendors in the stands busy, regularly having cookies, popcorn and nachos delivered right to the dugout where they perform their make-believe TV segment, "Live From The Dugout."

When it comes to snacking during the game, it's not that big of a deal to these pals. It's not like the manager is going to have one of these players pinch hit with the game on the line…or will he?

See what happens when Luke is asked to grab a bat and take some hacks for the Bears! Is he caught off guard or does he go yard?
  • Luke - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Luke Happy Hugs Teddy
  • Carl - Bearemy
    Carl Bearemy


Happy Hugs Teddy

Luke - Happy Hugs Teddy
Luke isn't very good at sports, but he loves being a part of the home team! No matter the sport, Luke gives it his all, or should we say, his gives his stomach all it can handle!

Luke's about as superstitious as a benchwarmer can be, wearing his lucky oven mit instead of a baseball mit to his games.

In his first at bat of the year, Luke surprisingly ripped a curveball over the center field fence to win the game. Nobody could believe what they just saw!



Carl - Bearemy
Carl, like Luke spends most of his time in the dugout during Bearville Alive Bears games. Sure, he might get be called on as a courtesy runner for the catcher with two outs, but that's about the extent of this teddy bear's playing time.

Carl doesn't get many at bats, and his coach doesn't trust him to play anywhere besides right field (and that's only when the game is already a blowout!) Despite this, Carl is a good sport, always root, root, rooting for the home team!

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