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Off The Ice

Carl and Luke are members of the Team Build-A-Bear hockey squad, but neither gets to see much action. Since they don't play much, these teddy bears like to snack on the sidelines, putting down plates upon plates of nachos, hot dogs and popcorn each game. Luke is so confident that he'll never get to see the ice that he decides to wear bunny slippers instead of skates because they are much, much more comfortable. One night, team Bearville is in a fast-paced, hard-hitting overtime game and coach points over to Carl. It's his turn to enter the game. Does this teddy bear score and lift Team Build-A-Bear to victory? Find out in this episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Carl - Bearemy
    Carl Bearemy
  • Luke - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Luke Happy Hugs Teddy



Carl - Bearemy
Carl is a hockey-loving brown teddy bear on team Build-A-Bear who doesn't get to play much, but he always has his skates laced up and is ready for action. Carl spends most of his games for Team Build-A-Bear hanging out on the bench with his teammate and friend Luke, broadcasting their pretend segment “Live from the Bench."


Happy Hugs Teddy

Luke - Happy Hugs Teddy
Luke doesn't know much about hockey since he's always on the bench. Earlier in the season, this teddy bear quit wearing skates in favor of bunny slippers and began asking fans of Team Build-A-Bear to bring food from the concession stand down to the bench because he is so confident that coach will never ask him to get in the game. Luke also likes to play pretend, and is thinking about quitting hockey to become a sportscaster. He's gotten quite good at it since he announces every game from his perfect seat on the bench.
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