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Tracy Meets Her Match

Tracy the Tree Frog is the trickiest of them all, but the playing field is evened up as she tries to catch Whitney the White Tiger by the toe in an epic game of Hide and Seek in the snow!
When the trees are green and so is the grass, Tracy is unbeatable at Hide and Seek because she can blend into her surroundings better than just about anyone else. In a winter wonderland, however, Whitney is able to use more than just her wit to win with the perfect hiding spot! Unfortunately for Whitney, an inopportune case of the hiccups just may give her away. Will Tracy win again? Find out on Bearville Alive!
  • Tracy - Tree Frog
    Tracy Tree Frog
  • Whitney - White Tiger
    Whitney White Tiger


Tree Frog

Tracy - Tree Frog
Tracy is one of the best at Hide and Seek! It’s really not so fair to all her friends – because as a tree frog Tracy can easily blend in with her surroundings and never be seen – even when she’s right under your nose! There’s one thing mother nature can throw at Tracy to compromise her unbeatable advantage – and that’s snow! When she plays with Whitney the White Tiger under these conditions, it seems as though the tables have turned – but Hide and Seek is a two-part game – and Tracy is just as good at seeking as she is hiding!


White Tiger

Whitney - White Tiger
Whitney is one sneaky Tiger and knows Tracy’s reputation as one of Bearville’s best at Hide and Seek. One snowy day, Whitney just can’t wait to use her own abilities to blend in with her surroundings, challenging Tracy to one of the most epic games in the history of Hide and Seek! Whitney gets the hiccups easily, especially in the wintertime, but one thing that always gets rid of them is a good old fashioned scare!
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