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What's in the Box?! (Part 2)

Pepper and Billy still don't know what's in the box. In Part 2, it's finally time to open it up! Some viewers thought it was a butterfly, puppy or even a robot! So, what's inside? Why, it's a pair of bears and many more of our favorite Build-A-Bear friends, all ready to be given as gifts for Valentine's Day!
  • Romeo - Caramel Swirls Teddy
    Pepper 17 in. Giraffe
  • Rapunzel - Pawlette
    Billy 16 in. Elephant


17 in. Giraffe

Pepper - 17 in. Giraffe
Pepper is a very curious stuffed giraffe who has a long neck and a large heart. She's very giggly, and a very good thinker. Pepper loves to put pepper on her food, even though it makes her sneeze big giraffe sneezes when she uses too much.
17 in. Giraffe also seen in


16 in. Elephant

Billy - 16 in. Elephant
Billy, like his friend Pepper is very curious. He just can't leave a big Build-A-Bear box alone without touching it and wondering what could possibly be hiding inside. Billy's imagination is as big as his nose – and he imagines limitless possibilities in the animal kingdom. From Hippo Parrots to Lion Snakes, Billy is convinced it's out there.
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