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How To Become A Pet Care Pro

Christy is so excited to have just become a first-time pet owner! You see, Christy just adopted her very first Promise Pet from Build-A-Bear and is quickly finding out how big of a responsibility pet ownership is! Luckily, it's not that hard to become a Promise Pet care pro, and Christy is here to help sharing some helpful tips! Along with showing your new Promise Pet love and affection, Christy says it's important to feed and water your Promise Pet, take it on walks, and brush your Promise Pet to keep it looking nice on the outside while talking to them to keep them feeling good on the inside. Christy also needs help from the audience naming her new Promise Pet! What do you think she should name her new stuffed puppy?
  • Christy - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Christy Happy Hugs Teddy


Happy Hugs Teddy

Christy - Happy Hugs Teddy
Christy has been asking her mom and dad for years to get her a new puppy, and they have finally given in on one condition - if she promises to take care of her new puppy every day before and after school since her mom and dad are so busy with work. Christy is super excited about her new pet, and is learning a lot about how much love and attention she has to give to her new friend every day. Christy loves learning and loves watching others learn too, so it's no surprise how excited she was when she taught her new Promise Pet how to sit and play fetch!
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