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The Karate Cub

Kyle, better known by his friends as the Karate Cub has been training in his dojo for years to show his wicked karate moves off to the world! Watch this adorable black belt teddy bear shares his secrets to defeating bad guys as he demonstrates the Flying Furry Fury, the Pawesome Power Punch and the super intense Karate Cub Blazing Board Break in this awesome karate video.
  • Kyle - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Kyle Happy Hugs Teddy


Happy Hugs Teddy

Kyle - Happy Hugs Teddy
Kyle knows karate. Hi-ya! While most teddy bears spent the winter hibernating, Kyle has been hard at work in his secret dojo mastering the true art of karate. After years of work, this proud, confident teddy bear has mastered some of the most difficult moves the sport has to offer.
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