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Moving and Grooving with Mindy!

Who’s ready to get moving?!?

Mindy appears on Bearville Alive to show off all of her best moves!

Whether it’s gymnastics, cheerleading or dancing, Mindy just loves moving and grooving!

Her “Mind-ifying” moves are sure to break a sweat and bring a smile to your face!

Move, groove, cheer and dance along with Mindy on this energetic episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Mindy - More Moves Bunny
    Mindy More Moves Bunny


More Moves Bunny

Mindy - More Moves Bunny
Mindy is always moving and grooving. She loves to stay active and has mastered gymnastics, cheerleading and even dancing! Mindy just loves going to the gym and showing off her cool moves to everyone! When Mindy grows up, she could be a dance instructor, cheerleading coach or personal trainer, but right now she’s focusing on becoming the best she can be at all three!
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