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Carlos & The Mysterious Mix-Up!

Carlos is here to tell everyone a bedtime story they’ll never forget. It entails a mad scientist, a mysterious mix up and the making of something you’ll never believe!

It was a dark and stormy night, when Carlos the mad scientist decided to make a best friend! He just needs the right parts...

Carlos calls his nearest Build-A-Bear and orders a box full of Monster Mixter parts! Now, all he has to do is put them together to make his crazy creation! He chooses the perfect body, arms and legs and mixes together a new best friend! It’s Aliveeee on Bearville Alive! Muahahaha!
  • Carlos - Lil’ Buttercream Cub
    Carlos Lil’ Buttercream Cub
  • Kevin - Monster Mixters
    Kevin Monster Mixters


Lil’ Buttercream Cub

Carlos - Lil’ Buttercream Cub
Carlos is always up to something. Whether he is solving riddles as a detective or building crazy creations as a mad scientist, Carlos knows a thing or two about mixing it up. Carlos is very accepting of everyone, and loves hanging out with his best buddy Kevin – who may or may not be a monster. We’re not quite sure.


Monster Mixters

Monster Mixters
Kevin is Carlos’ best friend and crazy creation. He has a blue body, shiny arms and his zebra print legs stand out in a crowd when he’s hanging out with Carlos. Kevin loves watching movies, but his all-time favorites are some of the scariest movies ever made.
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