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Caitlyn’s Princess Party!

It’s Caitlyn’s birthday – and to celebrate she invites two of her very best friends over for a Princess Party! Caitlyn has a bazillion costumes and just can’t wait for her and her friends to dress up as princesses! This is sure to be a birthday party that these three friends never forget! After dressing up, they color castles and finish the evening with a princess ball – teaching each other their kingdom’s unique dance!

It’s a super fun make believe, dress up birthday party for Caitlin on Bearville Alive!
  • Caitlyn - Pink Hugs Teddy
    Caitlyn Pink Hugs Teddy
  • Olivia - Tiger
    Olivia Tiger
  • Kaylie - Peanut Butter Pup
    Kaylie Peanut Butter Pup



Olivia is one of Caitlyn’s best friends, and has such a great time playing the part of a fairy princess at her Princess Party! Olivia can’t wait to share her favorite things with Caitlyn when she has her birthday party last year!


Peanut Butter Pup

Peanut Butter Pup
Kaylie is always the jokester in her group of friends. Kaylie is always doing something goofy, and when Caitlyn asks her friends to dress up as princesses for her birthday she decides to be a prehistoric princess, complete with a cave girl costume! Kaylie is definitely the life of any party!
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