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Besties at the Beach!

Becca is so excited for her first trip to the beach but doesn’t know where to start planning for her day. Luckily, her beach-loving bestie Ally is by her side to show her perfect recipe for a spectacular day at the beach!

Ally knows just what to do and came prepared with an extra pair of sunglasses just in case her new beach buddy forgot hers.

Once Ally and Becca get suited up, they play Ally’s favorite beach game and build sandcastles! Becca couldn’t think of a better buddy to show her everything about spending a day on the sandy shore. That’s what best friends are for!
  • Ally - Happy Hugs Teddy
    Ally Happy Hugs Teddy
  • Becca - Mini Panda
    Becca Mini Panda


Happy Hugs Teddy

Ally - Happy Hugs Teddy
Ally loves spending time on the beach, but loves sharing her passion with others even more! This teddy bear always comes prepared with everything she needs to spend a perfect day at the beach! Ally is so excited to bring along her bestie Becca and can’t believe she’s never been to the beach. Because of this, it’s no secret that Ally wants to make this trip extra special!


Mini Panda

Mini Panda
Becca spends a lot of time off the shore and has never visited the beach before. It’s not too surprising, because after all, have you ever seen a Panda at the beach? Even though she’s never been, Becca’s been longing to spend a day by the ocean and dip her toes in the sand with her best friend Ally.
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