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Bearville Alive’s Beary Best Bear – Part 1

We’re counting on you to tell us which bear is Bearville’s Beary Best Bear!

In Part 1 of the competition, Spy Bear, Cherry Bear and Oscar show off their amazing talents. It’ll be hard to pick just one of these amazing performances!

Which bear’s talents will be your favorite? Spy Bear’s sneaky cookie snatching antics? Cherry Bear’s crazy quick cooking? What about Oscar’s…dance moves?

Expect the unexpected on this episode of Bearville Alive!
  • Gracie - Lavender Cuddles Teddy
    Gracie Lavender Cuddles Teddy
  • Spy Bear - Camo Bear
    Spy Bear Camo Bear
  • Cherry Bear - Pink Cuddles Teddy
    Cherry Bear Pink Cuddles Teddy
  • Oscar - Lil’ Chestnut Cub
    Oscar Lil’ Chestnut Cub


Lavender Cuddles Teddy

Gracie - Lavender Cuddles Teddy
Gracie is super excited to be hosting the first ever Bearville Alive Beary Best Bear competition! Gracie knows that all bears in Bearville are special, but wants to know what the audience thinks! She just can’t wait to announce the final results and crown the first ever Beary Best Bear!
Lavender Cuddles Teddy also seen in

Spy Bear

Camo Bear

Camo Bear
Spy Bear’s got this. This super stealth teddy bear’s secret talent is getting around without making a sound. If spy bear is around, make sure your stuff is safe and sound – because in a moment it could be nowhere to be found!


Lil’ Chestnut Cub

Lil’ Chestnut Cub
Oscar is always daydreaming about being the most talented bear in Bearville. When he’s put on the big stage this shy stuffed cub shows that he can bust out some sweet dance moves! Nobody was expecting Oscar’s huge performance at the Beary Best Bear Competition—but was it enough to give Oscar the title of Bearville’s Beary Best?
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