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The Always Amazing Most Magical Fantastical Fiona!

Do you believe in magic? If not, the Amazing Most Magical Fantastical Fiona hopes to have you convinced once and for all with her incredible tricks!

Fiona and her assistant Matt display a number of mind-blowing tricks leading up to the hardest trick of all – one that has never been performed before – Teleportation!

Does Fiona’s magic show go as according to plan? Does she live up to her amazing, magical, fantastical name? Find out on Bearville Alive!
  • Fiona - Wild Style Giraffe
    Fiona Wild Style Giraffe
  • Matt - Peanut Butter Pup
    Matt Peanut Butter Pup


Wild Style Giraffe

Fiona - Wild Style Giraffe
Fiona has been practicing magic for a few months after her mom bought her some fun starter sets on the internet. Ever since, Fiona has been hooked! In fact, she’s gotten so good at it that everyone is in awe of her fantastical stunts and amazing personality! Fiona wants to keep performing magic for the rest of her life and become a well-known magician performing stunts on prime time TV and wowing audiences worldwide!


Peanut Butter Pup

Peanut Butter Pup
Fiona’s friend Matt loves to help out when he can and he is in awe of the cool magic tricks she performs. He loves being “in” on all of her magical secrets, and never lets anyone in on any of the behind-the-scenes magic that helps Fiona make the impossible possible! After all, what good friend doesn’t keep secrets secret?
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